Drilling & W/Over Land Rigs

Providing Drilling & W/Over land rigs ranged from 350 HP up to 2000 HP.

All Sizes Plain Tubing

Providing all sizes plain tubing, external upset tubing in steel grade J-55, N-80, L-80, C-90, T-95, P-110 and bimetallic anti corrosion tubing.

All Sizes of Casing

Providing all size of casing in steel grade H-40, J-55, N-80, L-80, T-95, P-110 & Q-125.

All Sizes of Drill Collars

Providing all size of drill collars with standard thread, high pressure drill collars and other special drill collar with special purpose thread.

All Sizes of Drill Pipes

Providing all size of Heavy weight drill pipes with standard thread.

Pumping Units

Providing pumping units and subsurface sucker rod pumps.

All Sizes of Sucker Rods

Providing all sizes of Sucker rods, weight bar and polish rod in steel grade K, C, D & HL, which confirm to API specification.

Simple & Conventional Wellhead

Providing Simple & Conventional wellhead & X/Tree as it became easer and simply use all over the world.

Fluid Engineering Services

Providing drilling and completion fluid engineering and technology services.

Special Chemicals

Providing special chemicals for oil and gas field including: New model sealing products, Foam drilling fluid products and Anti-slough products.

Drilling Micro Foam

Providing Re-Circulating drilling micro foam fluid technology.

Oil Base Drilling Fluid

Providing Oil Base drilling fluid.