Micro-recyclable foam drilling fluid technology is the company independently developed a series of micro-foam drilling fluid system, by the conventional reusable, anti-collapse, high temperature, strong inhibition, low-solids and solids-free micro-foam drilling fluid system composition, the above system have access to national invention patents; the technology is applicable to carbonates, igneous rock, soft sand and shale formations, marl easy to collapse and coal seam and other formations, has been successfully applied in the field of more than 100 wells, including vertical wells, horizontal wells, highly deviated wells and other well-type construction, and achieved remarkable social and economic benefits

The technology features: adjustable density, wide range; leak proof wear and leakage characteristics; strong rejection of the wall there is a good protection effect; long time stability, suspension and strong ability to carry cuttings; flow lubrication performance, reduces torque and pump pressure; low density, small pressure differential can increase drilling speed; can be reused many times, low operating costs.