Plugging the new technology is the company independently developed a series of plugging technology, including low density intumescent plugging, high-density pressure-type sealing technology, serious leakage formations while drilling plugging drilling fluid technology. New sealing technique to declare a number of invention patents, was identified as “advanced international level.”

The technology is suitable for plugging construction energy exploration and development of various types of leakage, it can be adapted to the pressure plugging construction. To solve the domestic and international exploration and development process of low pressure loss, long open hole leakage, cracks, caves, underground rivers, formation deficit, drain the reservoir layer, and a high-temperature geothermal with other major technical problems serious loss, and achieved significant results.

The Technical Features

The technical features: a special type of flow, stagnation ability, wide range of densities, high expansion ratio can acidification rate, the solidification time is adjustable, adjustable solidification strength, strong plugging consolidation capability, versatility.